Villas for romance

Looking forward to something is often the best part. But to actually experience one of our Bali villa rentals first hand with the person that means everything in the world to you really is one of life’s treasures.

Upon arriving on the island, you’ll be picked up and whisked off to your Bali luxury villa. You’ll be settled in no time. Upon entering you’ll both get a mere taste of what’s in store for the duration of your stay. Whether it’s a smaller 1-bedroom boutique luxury Bali villa you’re after or one of our larger properties, we’ll help you select what’s right for you, exactly where you want to be. And if flowers are the order of the day or perhaps a romantic dinner at sundown, simply let us know and we’ll arrange things discreetly so you won’t have a worry in the world.

In fact, from the moment you click and contact us, we’ll assign one of our experienced staff to be your very own personal concierge – throughout the whole of your Bali experience.

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